The Last Hope of Ryadd

Journel of Awesomeness Part 9

Back to civilization. I can’t wait to hear the sweet sound of the town. Wheels bouncing over the cobblestone roads. Smiths hammering over the hot anvil. Hot food. Working bathrooms!

The way out of the, um, let’s call it a temple now… At least I think it will be a temple the next time we return. I hope the fine people here return it to its former glory. So, on the way out of the temple, our last encounter ended up with a group of kobolds in the room with all the drakes. The drakes were in their cages when we got there, and we quickly ran after the kobolds. When I say quickly ran, I literally mean it. Those sneaky little guys are fast. I bounded across the room swinging my sword at the ground. I can’t help but think what the others thought of me as I flailed about. I’d run to one side of the room, and the kobold would just turn around and run the other way. It reminded me of chasing young Anessathiel back in the village.

Liat obviously had more experience with it. She’d walk slowly to the kobold, but wouldn’t get very near. I almost thought that she didn’t want to fight. That was until she decided to smash it with her spear. I know, I know, spears are meant for stabbing. Liat just has a way about her to bring out the smash in everything, though.

After chasing the kobold around the room a few times, I was finally able to get some hits in. He was hurt and beaten, but then I saw an evil glimmer in his eyes. He made a dash towards the center of the room. I shouted out, “Get the guy in the middle.” I dove, trying to grab him, but it was too late. He pulled a lever and opened all the gates in the room; the drakes were now free.

After months of abuse, the drakes weren’t any more fond of their keepers than we were. They indiscriminatly lashed out at anything close to them. Light burst from my sword and sparked a haste within one of the drakes. It also made me invisible for long enough to set up our assault. A cloud of frost in the middle of the room kept the drakes contained. We finished them off and left the temple.

On the trek back home through the woods, D’nalia kept craving strange foods, and wouldn’t stop singing “who’s your little cylon?” I’m not really sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure that girl is going insane.

Journel of Awesomeness Part 8

There we were in the hall of the dragon. He obviously didn’t want anything from us other than some cheap entertainment. Little did he know we weren’t his normal lot of casual “performers.”

We instantly broke apart and readied our weapons against the mobs of kobolds surrounding us. I somehow managed to take over sixty damage on the first two turns, almost knocking me out of the battle. Tarhan came to my aid and I was almost instantly back to full heath. It was probably four turns before I finally aid my friends with the “Wrath of the Gods.” Back in the fight, I started fighting kobolds. The dragon grabbed a quick snack (the tough kobold we met two days ago in the forge), then another quick kobold snack before washing it down and returning to his podium. We managed to kill the majority of the kobolds and I went to finish the last one off.

The dragon realized we meant business and came to fight us himself. Liat took the brunt of the damage while Ulric and Tarhan attacked just out of range of the tail, claws, and jaws of the massive dragon.. D’nalia came to help me finish off the last kobold and I turned to fight the dragon. With my Blessed Weapon in hand, I cast a spell at the dragon, but failed. I was slowed and couldn’t charge him. Since the dragon was still immobilized, he couldn’t flee. His end was drawing near.

Finally, the dragon escaped our trap and flew away. Swiftly, he fled to the other side of the throne room. D’nalia was the only one left who could catch him, and she cast her most powerful spell. The dragon erupted into flames and fell to the ground. We had defeated him.

There was a little bit of gold on the kobolds, but nothing else in the room or around the podium. There were two doors left to explore, but we needed to heal. We retreated to one of the secret rooms and rested. We came back and opened two giant stone doors. Behind them were mountains of treasure. There were piles taller than I was, and more coins than we could carry (without Liat’s bag of holding). I rushed into the room with ideas of the cities we could make, and the buildings we could build. I was attacked by a claw and a moving sarcophagus and fell to the floor (lucky shot). Tarhan picked me us, but Liat was consumed by a sarcophagus and I ran to save her. Suddenly, it was dark! I was trapped inside something, unable to move, and being pierced by spikes. I struggled to get out, but my armor prevented me from moving. I couldn’t hit anything with my sword because my arms were stuck. Finally, the object surrounding me collapsed. My friends spoke of walking claws and scarab hordes. They must have fought them as I struggled. Free from monsters, we gathered the rest of the treasure and were ready to go back home.

There was one passage remaining in this grand temple, we will explore it on the way out. Once we get home, we can tell people of this ancient temple and help them restore it to its once civilized grace. There was a nest of evil Eagles we needed to clear out of the rafters by the dragon’s entrance, but we cleaned them out no problem. Hopefully the Falcons outside won’t give us any trouble either. My interior decorated once suggested green and gold, that seems like a good color scheme for this extraordinary temple.

Journel of Awesomeness Part 7

Not much to report today. We fought a few more groups of tough Kobolds and needed to rest again. We finally get to meet the dragon these kobolds have been following. I’m not sure that we’re going to come to any sort of agreement, and he’s got to be stopped. There are a lot of kobolds in the room waiting for us, I think he’s looking for a show.

Journal of Awesomeness, Part 6

D’nalia found a skull in the corner of the room. There was another riddle in draconic. The answer was to give the skull a kiss big enough that any master of dragons would blush. A door opened up revealing a hallway with another door at the end.

We entered the next room and saw nothing. There were six columns stretching to the ceiling, and debris littering the floor. We started searching the walls for a way out, when three phantasms attacked us. Liat spent some time phasing in and out of our plane, but defeated them without too much trouble. There’s nothing else interesting in the room. We found a hidden door and push it open to find another hallway and our exit.

We enter a room with three piles of rubble blocking our floor. I’m not sure what function the room has, but movement was difficult. There’s another kobold holding a cage of rats, so I charge him. Backing off, I got to the center to draw all of their fire. A timely spell from Tarhan gave the party resistance to most of the poison damage that would’ve otherwise killed us. No doubt, it helped us defeat the kobolds in this room. We end the battle with some good tactical formations and are ready for more action.

We start heading back through the hallways of the temple. We find a door with fire glowing underneath. We prepared for battle and burst through the doors to a forge. Tarhan fell immediately, but I was close enough to heal him. I blessed my weapon and entered battle. A few good area burst got rid of the two kobold hordes, but that didn’t stop D’nalia from shooting another acid arrow at the party. I’m still concerned with her ability to differentiate between a 2 meter tall, good-looking, fit, strong, well dressed half-elf paladin, versus a 1 meter tall ugly kobold. Luckily, this time, everyone in the party was able to jump out of the way. Pretty soon it was five against one. The remaining kobold was tough, though. He blinded the entire party. Unfortunately, we didn’t seem very evasive, because we were all able to hit him while blind. He retreated to safety and locked the door behind him. Obviously, this foe was not an ordinary kobold; we will be seeing him again. There wasn’t much for us in the forge, only kobold weapons. We decided to a safe house for rest.

Journal of Awesomeness, Part 5

After resting and going back through the trap, we found ourselves in an octagon room. We entered through the top of the map. What used to be a central hub for activity in this sanctuary has been defiled by these kobolds. The four statues in the corners were defaced. The beautiful domed skylight was broken and vines blocked the sunlight. The marble floor had been replaced by cracked clay tiles. The winged goblins waiting in ambush only made it worse.

The tiles were all meant to break open with traps underneath. I can speak firsthand to the pain when a spear shoots through your thigh and immobilizes you. Multiple people falling into the traps, we were able to dispatch all the kobolds, including one that tried to escape through the skylight. We exited the room through map left and connected to a new map.

We found the room the kobolds had shaded. There was a large slab of rock blocking the two entries; we don’t think the kobolds were strong enough to move it. Inside was a crypt with dragon architectural cues. There was a lone tomb in the middle of the room, ornate decorations around the walls, a chest at one end, and an iridescent reflecting pool at the other end. We estimated depth of the pool using a rope, and found it surprisingly deep. As expected, when we opened the chest, it triggered a trap. Two waiting creatures swam out of a door and rose from the reflecting pool. Liat was able to hold her breath as they dragged her underwater, but we were able to rescue her. If they had grabbed me, I would’ve surely drowned. We were exhausted and needed to sleep. I showed my respects to the body in the tomb, we took the items in the chest for safekeeping, and Rest for the night.

Journal of Awesomeness, Part 4

We’re in the kobold lair. This is gonna be fun! This is gonna be fun! Just watch out for those spiders. I’m not sure why, but spiders scare me. Do you ever find yourself in a room just relaxing and doing something really pleasant? I remember one time a few years ago. I was enjoying a cold beverage while watching my local town delegate give a speech. He was standing through his window while addressing the Central Station Public Affairs Network (CSPAN). I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Then, suddenly, a spider crept down beside me. I was taken aback by his silent descent. I swiftly swatted at that same sullen spider, and with a short swoosh, sent him spiraling straight to the second story sans sound. Once on the ground, he continues to taunt me. Over and over again, I’d try to crush him under my massive foot. He simply jumps to the air, looking at me. I can’t seem to get him. We both know, if he gets out alive, he will summon his friends to attack me while I sleep. They’ll surround me and…

I digress.

I found something that scares me more than spiders. After dispatching a group of kobolds, we found a symbol on the wall with a riddle written in draconic underneath. We quickly realized the answer was “fire” and stood back while we held a live flame up to the symbol. It went to a secret passage way with a room containing RUST monsters! It was dreadfully terrible. After seeing a few other pieces of weaponry crumble into dust, I made my retreat. I lost a few of my backup weapons and threw a few punches before retreating to the back line. My shiny plate armor would look terrible as a pile of rust on the ground. A pool of acid created a nice little barrier between us and the rust monsters. Tarhan lost his scale armor, so we gave him a spare piece of cloth armor. Liat also lost her sword of asskickery. I even helped her scoop every little last bit of residuum off the floor, all the while feeling happy that it didn’t happen to my shiny armor.

We rested and continued exploring. A single fireball cleared out a room of not so sneaky kobolds waiting in ambush. One particular kobold kept teleporting around and took a while to corner. We finally got him right before he made over a blade trap. It took a while to get ourselves over the blade trap, but eventually Denalia made us all glow brightly enough to avoid the trigger.

We now have three map pieces, but don’t know how they connect. Through this next door should confirm the placement of our second map piece.

A Fighter's Lament

Today, in the kobold stronghold, we lost a dear member of our group. The Deathstalker Broadsword, known as Stalky to its friends, was destroyed by a rust monster during a long battle. It leaves behind its sibling weapon, the Lifedrinker Longspear (“Drinky”), and its owner, Liat Robach, along with a boatload of residuum.

O! Stalky, dear friend and weapon,
You will be missed.
You were the bane of many a kobold and goblin,
And many other things that needed to be hit.
While you weren’t the most constant of weapons,
You made your mark known when you did hit.
Drinky will be sad to be all alone,
But happy that it gets to be used again.
With luck, the residuum will be enough to get you back,
Or one that’s just like you,
But with a different hilt or something.

Journal of Awesomeness, Part 3

Remember a long time ago, back when I was in knight school? The giants and orcs were a feared foe that would frequently threaten our town, and I wanted every advantage I could get with them. I thought that reasoning with the might be enough to bring them from their ways of savagery into a more civilized environment. To appeal to their sense of pride, I wanted to be able to do this in their native language, giant. Years were spent learning how to speak and write in their language.

Many of the townsfolk knew other languages: elven, draconic, goblin, and kobold among others. Kobold, now that’s a language no one would ever need to know. Who would ever get anything useful from a kobold? They wait for ambushes, set traps, and just plain play dirty. Beyond that, and I haven’t yet even begun to describe their smell to you.

Why then, was I so scared of them this morning. We spent hours trying to come up with plans to divide and conquer their. We thought their sheer numbers would be enough to overrun us. If there really is a dragon in there, I can just picture him laughing. “Hahaha, look at the weak adventuring party cowering in the face of my three foot tall kobolds.”

Eventually, we decided to quit being babies and just brought the fight to their front door. We stood at the edge of the clearing and started pelting them with our artillery (I mean Ulric). Liat, of course, ran out in front to go hit things. The rest of the team supported as we made our way through the guards, and then through a second wave of reinforcements.

Honestly, our biggest threat was D’nalia. If I was to try to describe her, I’d say she’s got a good heart, but is a little chaotic on the inside. I know it’s impossible for such a combination to exist, but she’s somehow an amalgam of both. In the end, I’m still glad she’s on our side. While the splash damage of stray acid arrows really hurts, a well placed fireball hurts more.

Appendix A: Our Brilliant Plan: 1) Get bait Ulric went hunting for some kobold bait. After a couple hours, he caught a rabbit. Since kobolds will eat anything, the rabbit would serve as a tasty piece of meat for the kobolds to eat.

2) Set bait Kobolds will definitely go to the rabbit, but where to next? Without any real trap building time, or skills, we could use the bait as a lure. We wanted to set it on the trail at the edge of the clearing where the scouting would see it.

3) Use bait to lure kobolds No traps mean we have to create a location of tactical advantage. In other words, let’s bring the kobolds to us. The only place of tactical advantage was a few minutes back on the trail; we needed a moving lure.

4) Run Take the fastest runner, and tie a rope to their waist. The other end of the rope is tied to the rabbit. As the kobolds come near, drag the rabbit towards the battleground. They’ll follow you all the way there. Once there, the whole party will be ready for battle. Right guys? Right guys?

5) Fight Without any way to get more reinforcements, and with a tactical advantage, the kobolds will be easy targets.

5) Loot the bodies The little three foot bodies.

6) Repeat with the next set of kobold guards. Since we think it will work so well the first time, there’s no reason the exact same plan won’t work 327 additional times and clean out the entire kobold lair.

Rules of Adventuring, Rule 2
Rule 2

Rule 2. Always read the fine print on the spells.

(Refer to D’nalia’s post Sleep and Acid Arrow. She’s nearly killed us all.)

Rules of Adventuring, Rule 1
Rule 1

Rule One. Never split up the party.

(Remember the kobold hill stronghold; Liat Robach almost got roasted and had to climb up a tree when they were discovered by a scouting patrol)


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