The Last Hope of Ryadd

A Fighter's Lament

Today, in the kobold stronghold, we lost a dear member of our group. The Deathstalker Broadsword, known as Stalky to its friends, was destroyed by a rust monster during a long battle. It leaves behind its sibling weapon, the Lifedrinker Longspear (“Drinky”), and its owner, Liat Robach, along with a boatload of residuum.

O! Stalky, dear friend and weapon,
You will be missed.
You were the bane of many a kobold and goblin,
And many other things that needed to be hit.
While you weren’t the most constant of weapons,
You made your mark known when you did hit.
Drinky will be sad to be all alone,
But happy that it gets to be used again.
With luck, the residuum will be enough to get you back,
Or one that’s just like you,
But with a different hilt or something.



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