The Last Hope of Ryadd

Journal of Awesomeness, Part 4

We’re in the kobold lair. This is gonna be fun! This is gonna be fun! Just watch out for those spiders. I’m not sure why, but spiders scare me. Do you ever find yourself in a room just relaxing and doing something really pleasant? I remember one time a few years ago. I was enjoying a cold beverage while watching my local town delegate give a speech. He was standing through his window while addressing the Central Station Public Affairs Network (CSPAN). I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Then, suddenly, a spider crept down beside me. I was taken aback by his silent descent. I swiftly swatted at that same sullen spider, and with a short swoosh, sent him spiraling straight to the second story sans sound. Once on the ground, he continues to taunt me. Over and over again, I’d try to crush him under my massive foot. He simply jumps to the air, looking at me. I can’t seem to get him. We both know, if he gets out alive, he will summon his friends to attack me while I sleep. They’ll surround me and…

I digress.

I found something that scares me more than spiders. After dispatching a group of kobolds, we found a symbol on the wall with a riddle written in draconic underneath. We quickly realized the answer was “fire” and stood back while we held a live flame up to the symbol. It went to a secret passage way with a room containing RUST monsters! It was dreadfully terrible. After seeing a few other pieces of weaponry crumble into dust, I made my retreat. I lost a few of my backup weapons and threw a few punches before retreating to the back line. My shiny plate armor would look terrible as a pile of rust on the ground. A pool of acid created a nice little barrier between us and the rust monsters. Tarhan lost his scale armor, so we gave him a spare piece of cloth armor. Liat also lost her sword of asskickery. I even helped her scoop every little last bit of residuum off the floor, all the while feeling happy that it didn’t happen to my shiny armor.

We rested and continued exploring. A single fireball cleared out a room of not so sneaky kobolds waiting in ambush. One particular kobold kept teleporting around and took a while to corner. We finally got him right before he made over a blade trap. It took a while to get ourselves over the blade trap, but eventually Denalia made us all glow brightly enough to avoid the trigger.

We now have three map pieces, but don’t know how they connect. Through this next door should confirm the placement of our second map piece.



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