The Last Hope of Ryadd

Journal of Awesomeness, Part 5

After resting and going back through the trap, we found ourselves in an octagon room. We entered through the top of the map. What used to be a central hub for activity in this sanctuary has been defiled by these kobolds. The four statues in the corners were defaced. The beautiful domed skylight was broken and vines blocked the sunlight. The marble floor had been replaced by cracked clay tiles. The winged goblins waiting in ambush only made it worse.

The tiles were all meant to break open with traps underneath. I can speak firsthand to the pain when a spear shoots through your thigh and immobilizes you. Multiple people falling into the traps, we were able to dispatch all the kobolds, including one that tried to escape through the skylight. We exited the room through map left and connected to a new map.

We found the room the kobolds had shaded. There was a large slab of rock blocking the two entries; we don’t think the kobolds were strong enough to move it. Inside was a crypt with dragon architectural cues. There was a lone tomb in the middle of the room, ornate decorations around the walls, a chest at one end, and an iridescent reflecting pool at the other end. We estimated depth of the pool using a rope, and found it surprisingly deep. As expected, when we opened the chest, it triggered a trap. Two waiting creatures swam out of a door and rose from the reflecting pool. Liat was able to hold her breath as they dragged her underwater, but we were able to rescue her. If they had grabbed me, I would’ve surely drowned. We were exhausted and needed to sleep. I showed my respects to the body in the tomb, we took the items in the chest for safekeeping, and Rest for the night.



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