The Last Hope of Ryadd

Journal of Awesomeness, Part 6

D’nalia found a skull in the corner of the room. There was another riddle in draconic. The answer was to give the skull a kiss big enough that any master of dragons would blush. A door opened up revealing a hallway with another door at the end.

We entered the next room and saw nothing. There were six columns stretching to the ceiling, and debris littering the floor. We started searching the walls for a way out, when three phantasms attacked us. Liat spent some time phasing in and out of our plane, but defeated them without too much trouble. There’s nothing else interesting in the room. We found a hidden door and push it open to find another hallway and our exit.

We enter a room with three piles of rubble blocking our floor. I’m not sure what function the room has, but movement was difficult. There’s another kobold holding a cage of rats, so I charge him. Backing off, I got to the center to draw all of their fire. A timely spell from Tarhan gave the party resistance to most of the poison damage that would’ve otherwise killed us. No doubt, it helped us defeat the kobolds in this room. We end the battle with some good tactical formations and are ready for more action.

We start heading back through the hallways of the temple. We find a door with fire glowing underneath. We prepared for battle and burst through the doors to a forge. Tarhan fell immediately, but I was close enough to heal him. I blessed my weapon and entered battle. A few good area burst got rid of the two kobold hordes, but that didn’t stop D’nalia from shooting another acid arrow at the party. I’m still concerned with her ability to differentiate between a 2 meter tall, good-looking, fit, strong, well dressed half-elf paladin, versus a 1 meter tall ugly kobold. Luckily, this time, everyone in the party was able to jump out of the way. Pretty soon it was five against one. The remaining kobold was tough, though. He blinded the entire party. Unfortunately, we didn’t seem very evasive, because we were all able to hit him while blind. He retreated to safety and locked the door behind him. Obviously, this foe was not an ordinary kobold; we will be seeing him again. There wasn’t much for us in the forge, only kobold weapons. We decided to a safe house for rest.



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