The Last Hope of Ryadd

Journel of Awesomeness Part 8

There we were in the hall of the dragon. He obviously didn’t want anything from us other than some cheap entertainment. Little did he know we weren’t his normal lot of casual “performers.”

We instantly broke apart and readied our weapons against the mobs of kobolds surrounding us. I somehow managed to take over sixty damage on the first two turns, almost knocking me out of the battle. Tarhan came to my aid and I was almost instantly back to full heath. It was probably four turns before I finally aid my friends with the “Wrath of the Gods.” Back in the fight, I started fighting kobolds. The dragon grabbed a quick snack (the tough kobold we met two days ago in the forge), then another quick kobold snack before washing it down and returning to his podium. We managed to kill the majority of the kobolds and I went to finish the last one off.

The dragon realized we meant business and came to fight us himself. Liat took the brunt of the damage while Ulric and Tarhan attacked just out of range of the tail, claws, and jaws of the massive dragon.. D’nalia came to help me finish off the last kobold and I turned to fight the dragon. With my Blessed Weapon in hand, I cast a spell at the dragon, but failed. I was slowed and couldn’t charge him. Since the dragon was still immobilized, he couldn’t flee. His end was drawing near.

Finally, the dragon escaped our trap and flew away. Swiftly, he fled to the other side of the throne room. D’nalia was the only one left who could catch him, and she cast her most powerful spell. The dragon erupted into flames and fell to the ground. We had defeated him.

There was a little bit of gold on the kobolds, but nothing else in the room or around the podium. There were two doors left to explore, but we needed to heal. We retreated to one of the secret rooms and rested. We came back and opened two giant stone doors. Behind them were mountains of treasure. There were piles taller than I was, and more coins than we could carry (without Liat’s bag of holding). I rushed into the room with ideas of the cities we could make, and the buildings we could build. I was attacked by a claw and a moving sarcophagus and fell to the floor (lucky shot). Tarhan picked me us, but Liat was consumed by a sarcophagus and I ran to save her. Suddenly, it was dark! I was trapped inside something, unable to move, and being pierced by spikes. I struggled to get out, but my armor prevented me from moving. I couldn’t hit anything with my sword because my arms were stuck. Finally, the object surrounding me collapsed. My friends spoke of walking claws and scarab hordes. They must have fought them as I struggled. Free from monsters, we gathered the rest of the treasure and were ready to go back home.

There was one passage remaining in this grand temple, we will explore it on the way out. Once we get home, we can tell people of this ancient temple and help them restore it to its once civilized grace. There was a nest of evil Eagles we needed to clear out of the rafters by the dragon’s entrance, but we cleaned them out no problem. Hopefully the Falcons outside won’t give us any trouble either. My interior decorated once suggested green and gold, that seems like a good color scheme for this extraordinary temple.



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