The Last Hope of Ryadd

Journel of Awesomeness Part 9

Back to civilization. I can’t wait to hear the sweet sound of the town. Wheels bouncing over the cobblestone roads. Smiths hammering over the hot anvil. Hot food. Working bathrooms!

The way out of the, um, let’s call it a temple now… At least I think it will be a temple the next time we return. I hope the fine people here return it to its former glory. So, on the way out of the temple, our last encounter ended up with a group of kobolds in the room with all the drakes. The drakes were in their cages when we got there, and we quickly ran after the kobolds. When I say quickly ran, I literally mean it. Those sneaky little guys are fast. I bounded across the room swinging my sword at the ground. I can’t help but think what the others thought of me as I flailed about. I’d run to one side of the room, and the kobold would just turn around and run the other way. It reminded me of chasing young Anessathiel back in the village.

Liat obviously had more experience with it. She’d walk slowly to the kobold, but wouldn’t get very near. I almost thought that she didn’t want to fight. That was until she decided to smash it with her spear. I know, I know, spears are meant for stabbing. Liat just has a way about her to bring out the smash in everything, though.

After chasing the kobold around the room a few times, I was finally able to get some hits in. He was hurt and beaten, but then I saw an evil glimmer in his eyes. He made a dash towards the center of the room. I shouted out, “Get the guy in the middle.” I dove, trying to grab him, but it was too late. He pulled a lever and opened all the gates in the room; the drakes were now free.

After months of abuse, the drakes weren’t any more fond of their keepers than we were. They indiscriminatly lashed out at anything close to them. Light burst from my sword and sparked a haste within one of the drakes. It also made me invisible for long enough to set up our assault. A cloud of frost in the middle of the room kept the drakes contained. We finished them off and left the temple.

On the trek back home through the woods, D’nalia kept craving strange foods, and wouldn’t stop singing “who’s your little cylon?” I’m not really sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure that girl is going insane.



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