Settled at first by refugees escaping the Evil Hordes that threaten Ryadd. King Lamont sent Baron Duncan Lafayette to oversee the construction and oversight of the settlement.

Over the last twenty years Farhaven has received over 10,000 refugees seeking a new beginning. Farhaven now consists of a port village, many small villages, and an aptly named capital Farhaven City.

Farhaven City currently has a large market area and many buildings and many more are under construction. Baron Duncan Lafayette wants this to be a center of commerce and administration. To the East and up a hill the Baron’s keep is being constructed.

Farhaven’s outer defenses are starting to be constructed. Defensive walls are being built. The stone for which comes from a Dwarven quarry north of Farhaven. Commander Robert Londo wishes the defenses to be built quickly so his limited number of City Watchmen are not as thinly spread patrolling the perimeter of Farhaven.

Farhaven is ruled soley by Baron Duncan Lafayette. However, he has assembled a City Council for advice and for solving disputes between the guilds. The City Council currently consists of: Commander Robert Londo, Erik Weinburg, Heath Moier, Lewis Arden, Markus Bell, and Priestess Rosslyn Kent.


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