Main Background Story

The Kingdom of Ryadd is on the eastern peninsula of a continent.

The populace mostly consists of humans with the exception of small pockets of Elves, Dwarves, and Dragonborn to the northeast and Halfings in the south and west. The Elves, Dwarves, and a small number of Dragonborn had immigrated from the western continent of Orub ~1000 years ago as refugees from a war that they are reluctant to discuss. Tieflings are few and far between; they are not welcome in the Elven, Dwarven, and Dragonborn settlements.

Only some humans actively mingle with the other races; most are ambivalent; and some think them inferior. These other races generally keep to themselves. Some, however, try to prove themselves to the humans by enlisting in their army or other philanthropic activities. Human settlements near these races tend to be friendly or at least tolerant of them and have established trade relationships. This has also resulted in a small number of half-elves.

50 years ago a secret society of xenophobic humans was formed and started harassing the other races. Other forms of atrocities were committed by this organization until most of the members were rounded up and imprisoned. During this time some of the other races traveled back to the continent of Orub to escape persecution and to discover what happened to their ancestors. Their settlement was called Luthien.

20 years ago the Kingdom of Ryadd came under attack from evil hordes on the western borders. These attacks seemed random at first, however, the attacks became more focused and 1/5 of the Kingdom was overrun in a mere five years.

The next five years did not yield any more offensive attacks from the hordes. It is believed the hordes were amassing more troops. During this lull in attacks refugees beseeched King Lamont to allow them to settle the continent Orub near the city of Luthien. This resulted in the settlement called Farhaven. Very little in military supplies were allowed to be sent to Farhaven for those were needed for the frontlines.

While the settlement was constructed, the military of Ryadd attempted to regain ground from the Hordes but were repelled each time. During these attempts there were no signs of the former populace or trace of them. It is unknown what has become of those who were overrun.

10 years ago the evil Hordes stuck again and for five years pressed further into Ryadd; it is only half of what it was originally. Most of the Halfing communities have been overrun. More refugees and some of the general populace sought safety at Farhaven; though there was danger to be had there, they thought it safer than the Evil Hordes. King Lamont started a military draft and did not allow able-bodied men to travel to Farhaven; they were needed to fight the Hordes. Another lull in the Hordes’ advance started and five years have passed…

As Farhaven grew and trade with the city of Luthien increased, rumors of ancient ruins and magical treasures spread. Recently King Lamont himself had heard of them; desperate and scared, he sought adventurers to investigate these rumors and to bring back anything powerful enough to help stop the Evil Hordes…

King Lamonte sent an attaché to consult with the Kingdom’s most revered oracle Reverend Mother Katherine. The attaché came back with four names to send to Farhaven in search of these ancient ruins.

Main Background Story

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